We might end up with secterian nutcases controlling weapons of mass destruction.

Sarah Palin's Churches and The Third Wave from Bruce Wilson on Vimeo.

You tell me:  does this look like the sort of people you would want to put in charge of the US stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction?  The US has tens of thousands of nuclear warheads -- in addition to the decommissioned ones, which is just politician-speak for "nukes we presently do not count", but which are nonetheless available and can be re-activated on short notice.  

The US also has the largest stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons.

Now most other nuclear stockpiles are under the control of regimes that are, at least not overtly, influenced by crazy-ass secterian nutcases.  It is somewhat embarrassing that the US sees religious zealotry combined with access to weapons of mass destruction as the biggest threat against global security -- yet the US is seriously considering putting a certifiable nutcase one heartbeat away from the controlling the launch codes.

We're piss-scared of a bunch of people living in caves getting their hands on a suitcase bomb or two.  We'er so piss-scared of it our whole way of life has changed.

And then we respond by putting a person with craziness of equal magnitude in the White House and give her the launch codes the day McCain kicks the bucket (which is a very real possibility given McCain's long smorgasbord of health problems).

Is that rational behavior?

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