Shaking things up?

As irrelevant as we would wish people's personal tragedies are, the complete lack of decency of that Palin-woman is something the voters need to consider.  Especially given the overwhelming risk that McCain, although running only for a single term lame-duck presidency, has a significant risk of kicking the bucket early -- thus leaving that crazy woman in charge of the whole operation.

The US could end up with one of the craziest least morally fit presidents ever.

Just look at Palin's family.  This woman is so delusional that she is unable to admit that her family's deep dysfuntion is the result of her twisted morality.  She is:

  • Anti-family planning, even for married couples
  • She despises single mothers and teens who have gotten themselves knocked up
  • She believes in abstinence-only 
  • She does not believe in sexual education
  • She is militantly anti-choice
  • She preaches family values, yet foisted her kids on other members of her family to raise while she was off doing more glamorous things.
  • Irresponsibly got knocked up herself at an advanced age, resulting in an unwanted special needs child.
With republicans being so obsessed with morality and family values, it would seem odd to choose someone to represent them who so clearly illustrates how these positions lead to tragedy.

That Palin-woman is just The Wrong Stuff through and through. 

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