The economy ate my homework.

It is indeed never too late to react impulsively and childishly to something that happened over a week ago.  Like a kid trying to wriggle his way out of taking an important test, John McCain all of a sudden found that he was urgently needed in Washington.  As if the republicans had somehow shone a huge skylight with the silouette of an elephant on it at the sky to summon him.

After spending the last six months out of circulation on the Doubletalk Express, serving up lame jokes and political one-liners, there was no time to lose:  he had to get back to Washington ASAP. 

No time for trivial stuff such as, oh, I don't know, participating in The Debate and such.

The TV pundits seem to be very obsessed with blinking.  Apparently McCain blinked and Obama didn't.  Seems the dumb kid in class will have to turn up for his test after all.  Prepared or not.

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