Iraq schmiraq

Sarah Palin's thoroughly photographed trip to Iraq turns out to be a fake.   She apparently didn't venture into Iraq, but rather dropped by the border crossing at Khabari Alawazem. Funny how I've heard it described as her going into a "battle zone".

This shows us a couple of things:
  1. She is very comfortable with outright lying.  In this election it is important to build an image of a woman that is something besides an anti-choice, hockey-mom, small-town mayor, who clings to her bible and her gun -- and Sarah Palin thinks fabrication of these narratives is an acceptable way to go about it.
  2. It was massively embarassing when she was said to have "foreign policy" credentials due to her state bordering on Russia.  It is becoming even more embarassing that Palin is desperately trying to pad her travel resume to give the impression that she has actually been outside the states on anything other than vacation.

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