Offshore drilling is completely irrelevant.

The thing about offshore drilling is that it will be too little too late.  At the pump it would not even mean fractional cents to the dollar.  To the consumer, it makes absolutely no difference.

So why is this even a big issue during the election?  Why is McCain making such a big fuss about this?  The numbers are pretty clear:  it isn't important at all.  In fact, it is so unimportant it is remarkable that it would even come up in discussion during an election where time and bandwith is at a premium.


Jen said...

And suppose we DO drill. They need more refineries. Who is gonna build the refineries? The oil companies making record profits??

X said...

I don't think scaling up the capacity of the refineries will be much of a problem. Mostly because we are talking about a very modest and gradual increase in domestic production. Also note that growth in production is already an underlying assumption.