Not much of a celebrity.

A few weeks back the republicans, feeling unloved by the media, accused Obama of being a celebrity.  Well, how the fuck is being a well known public figure a bad thing when you are running for president?  Especially if you are a politician.  I thought the republicans said that Obama was an "unknown"?  Then they say he is too well known. 

If Obama was such a big celebrity, you'd expect him to do better in interviews.  McCain does a lot better in interviews than Obama.  At least from what I have seen.  Of course, McCain has the advantage of having positions that are one-liners.  Simple shit he made up on the plane on his way to the rally -- and not always cleared with his campaign management. 

Meanwhile, Obama actually tries to formulate meaningful answers, and thus comes across as more hesitant.  In a country where the majority of the population are below most third world countries in education and world knowledge, that is a handicap.

Obama, work on those one-liners.  You are over-estimating your voters.

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