See good in bad, I do

If McCain wins the presidential election, Michael Stipe will leave the US.

Best reason yet for voting McCain/Palin.

This is going to be a tough one.

Questionable judgement

So McCain has chosen a veep-creep he has met only once before.   Palin is even under investigation for the dubious firing of the alaskan public safety commisioner.  This is getting off to a great start in proper GOP neocon style.

Is McCain high on something or should I attribute this lapse in judgement to his utter lack of intellectual fortitude?

Perhaps their reasoning is that they might snap up some votes from the pissed-off-hausfrau demographic;  those who wanted to see that psychotic Clinton-woman in the Oval office.

Well, at least the former Miss Moose seems to be a qualified spokesmodel.  Only fitting since the current guy is a former cheerleader and McCain is likely to kick the bucket due to old age before the end if a lame-duck, single term presidency -- should he make president.

America is so fucked.

I can has democracy?

Elections make me lose faith in humanity. Not so much because I think the politicians are dumb, but because they are dragged down to the level of the imbecile voters whose brains awake momentarily only when Paris Hilton is on TV.

Paris Hilton. The main character in a porn movie that made sex look awfully dull.

Putting the "mental" in "environmental".

Environmentalists on TV again.  In their designer clothes and with iPhones.  Foaming at the mouth and prattling on about how we need to act responsibly.

Monkey see, monkey do

So the Bushbaby has been bullying the entire world around for 8 years whilst crashing the US economy.  And while Putin is now mainly the puppeteer behind Medvedev, he has observed and learnt:  the world is regressing into fascism, there is no responsible adult at the helm of the sinking ship that is the US and people are now so frightened that they'll accept any infringement on democracy and basic freedoms.

Welcome to the cold war rematch.