McCain is too frail for the job.

It is frightening that McCain wants to skip the debate because of the financial crisis.  The election is about the next four years.  That's a long time.  We need to understand which candidate is best equipped to handle the challenges.  These are not times where you vote for a person -- these are times where you vote for reason.

The financial crisis is best handled by those who have not been galavanting around the country, spewing forth one-liners meant to elicit applause from audiences that don't know they are being short-changed in the election process.

Political debate is a prerequisite for democracy.  If candidates do not confront each other in debate, we cannot possibly have any basis for comparison.  Democracy just becomes a show-piece.  Something we talk a lot about, but which we don't actually implement.

Besides, this is the ultimate test.  This is our chance to see the candidates under pressure. And already McCain wants to throw in the towel.  This emphasizes our greatest fear:  John McCain is too frail to become president.  He can't handle the pressure.  And we really, really do not want that religious nutjob hockey-mom running the place.  Think radical moslems are bad?  How about radical christians with nukes and a firm belief that we live in the endtimes.

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