McCain's computer illiteracy.

McCain has had to endure much ridicule for his computer illiteracy.  The official line is that using a keyboard is difficult for him due to injuries sustained during the vietnam war.  The consistency with which his problems have been reported  over the years makes it seem implausible that this is just a lie.  He is reported to have difficulties tying his shoelaces and combing his hair for the same reason.  Let's just assume it is true.

On one hand, it is tempting to chastise the Obama campaign for making a point of McCain's computer illiteracy.  Indeed, hey should not make fun of McCain's handicaps.

On the other hand, I know people with physical handicaps far more severe than those of McCain who are not only computer literate, but work with computers on a daily basis.  These handicaps range from being paralyzed from the neck down, having severe arthritis (from a relatively young age) and blindness.  Yes, I know a blind programmer and I have encountered several over the Internet over the last decade.  Blindness and paralysis are not reasons for not using a computer.

If McCain has the strength to shake the hands of thousands of people every day, he has the strength to operate one of the gazillion input devices available on the market today for those with special needs.

This guy isn't severely physically handicapped. 

McCain is computer illiterate because he can't be bothered to learn.  Being privileged he has never had to learn either.  If anything, this is an illustration of what sort of people we elect to be our leaders:  people who are so far removed from the rest of us that even the most mundane things are completely alien to them.

Given that computers, the internet and technology in general is aggressively transforming society, the way we interact, and the rate at which new memes are generated, we cannot risk electing someone who does not live in that world.


jnorthrop said...

Great point! Another reason, among a rather large pile or reasons, not to vote for him.

Other reasons:
- He doesn't honor his word (lies, flip flops)
- He isn't loyal (cheating on his first wife)
- His sense of duty is to himself (picking Palin over someone qualified like Romney)

X said...

I wouldn't fault him for cheating on his wife. Lots of great politicians and statesmen have and it does not seem to be a character flaw indicative of suitability for office.

Remember, Clinton cheated on his wife and he happened to be one of the best presidents of the United States, turning deficit to surplus.

Make sure you attack McCain for what is relevant. Like his irresponsible choice of a VP candidate. Or the fact that he has no backbone and changes position faster than you can say "flop". Or that he is so completely out of touch with reality that he doesn't even know how many houses he has.