Tax plans drawn to scale.

Much has been said about tax cuts and of increasing taxes.

What I do not understand is that people who are not themselves in the upper tax brackets would be so upset about the topmost percentage being taxed heavier.

Perhaps it is because they aspire to find themselves at the top one day.  The vast majority never will no matter what they do.  The reality is that most of you will never be rich.  Most of you will never even get close to the upper tax brackets.  And should you be so lucky to get there, would it be so bad if you have to pay a little bit more?  Is it really that big a burden if you have to give a little bit more back to society?  The society that allowed you to be successful in the first place? 

Which is more patriotic?  Contributing to your country by shouldering a bit more of the tax-burden or letting those less fortunate shoulder the burden? If you are making hundreds of thousands of dollars, does a few thousand dollars really matter that much to you?

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