Rules are for everyone else.

McCain is feeling the pain of DMCA with regard to "fair use".  Apparently some of the mashups that the campaign posted on Youtube were taken down due to alleged copyright infringement. He had access to the same process of getting them back up again as everyone else -- yet he asked for special treatment because clearly, the process is too time-consuming.

Now a reasonable reaction would be to address the issue of how the DMCA is applied frivolously by political means;  call for fixing the laws and to ensure that "fair use" is indeed protected under the law to allow "quoting" the works of others.  After all,  those elected to an office are there to act in our best interest -- not their own.

This is a chance for McCain to highlight a wrong and work to set it right.  This is a chance for McCain to show that he is prepared to fix laws that are applied in an unreasonable manner.  But what does he do?  He thinks he is entitled to special treatment.  He underlines the fact that he thinks that he is better than you, more important than you.  Rules should not apply to him.

Once the election is over, he will go back to not caring.  To catering to special interests.

Perhaps it is not too unexpected.  We're talking about a guy who had it easy most of his life.  He never had to perform well to get what he wanted.  He led a privileged life of mediocrity (well, below mediocre if we take his school record into account, finishing at the very bottom of his class).  We're talking about a guy that has more houses, more cars, more employees and servants than he is able to keep track of -- and then he wants us to think that "That One" is the elitist snob.

McCain, you are an elitist scumbag.  If you can't even deal with the DMCA without expecting special treatment, what sort of leader are you going to be?  It is clear that you think your rights are more important than those of the people you wish to represent. 

I find it a bit offensive that you campaign under the slogan "country first" when obviously all your acts project a "McCain first" mentality.

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