A president for conflict.

McCain likes to throw his military credentials around.  The problem is that, as a soldier, he wasn't really all that good.  In fact, we have a very relevant, measurable datapoint that places him at the very bottom of the barrel.  Let me repeat that:  McCain is judged by the military to be a third rate soldier.

But he happened to be a third rate soldier with powerful friends.

He tries to impress by saying that he was there during the Cuban missile crisis.  What he forgets to mention is that he there as a pilot.  Not a decision maker.  The guy calling the shots was Kennedy and any credit that is due for resolving that situation is due to Kennedy and his administration.  McCain had no impact whatsoever on the Cuban missile crisis.  None.  Zero.

In fact, the last person on earth you want as your commander in chief during a conflict is McCain. You do not want someone known to have a short fuse.  You do not want someone who has demonstrated that he can't handle pressure and will act erratically.  You do not want someone who calls for time out and then runs off when the going gets tough.

McCain is the wrong guy to handle conflict.  He can only create and escalate conflict.

And indeed, McCain is the preferred choice of Americas enemies -- exactly because they depend on a commander in chief that will escalate and act erratically to achieve their goals for them.

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