Orson Scott Card; author and intolerant jerk.

I stumbled across this link about Orson Scott Card's views on gay marriage today.  It saddens me deeply that someone who has written at least one book I really admired has such a myopic view of the world.   It is one thing that he has an opinion.  He is free to think whatever he likes and shout it at the top of his lungs. 

What I don't like is that he thinks forcing his opinion on others is acceptable -- by force of law. He thinks the government should deny some people the sort of rights that are deemed essential to those who conform to his idea of humanity.

What if the majority's view of humanity differed?

What if the majority ruled that writers with a rotund head and a receding hairline should not be allowed to teach english?  Or should be deemed second class citizens with diminished rights?  Yes, it would seem unfair.  It would seem unfair to have rights denied you for something you are.  An aspect of who you are you yourself did not choose.  How if society deemed you an outcast. Unwanted.  A person so low they would strip you of rights you take for granted.  Rights you should take for granted and which no government should be allowed to take away from you.

It is not OK, Orson.  Not even remotely so.  Not everyone shares your medieval, intolerant view of those who are not exactly like you.  Not everyone believes that the tyranny of the masses should be allowed to terrorize the few.  

Does this idea ring a bell?

Perhaps you have forgotten that many of the people originally populating North America fled europe -- to get away from people just like you.  To get away from the tyranny of the masses and political leaders that did not approve of their faith. Was your education so shallow, so narrow,  so inadequate, so utterly worthless that you do not understand even the most fundamental ideas of equality on which the nation you live in was founded?  

No amount of admiration for your books can rid you of the repugnant stench of intolerance your vile words leave behind.  May you never have the misfortune of falling victim to the whims of your kind.

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