Questionable judgement

So McCain has chosen a veep-creep he has met only once before.   Palin is even under investigation for the dubious firing of the alaskan public safety commisioner.  This is getting off to a great start in proper GOP neocon style.

Is McCain high on something or should I attribute this lapse in judgement to his utter lack of intellectual fortitude?

Perhaps their reasoning is that they might snap up some votes from the pissed-off-hausfrau demographic;  those who wanted to see that psychotic Clinton-woman in the Oval office.

Well, at least the former Miss Moose seems to be a qualified spokesmodel.  Only fitting since the current guy is a former cheerleader and McCain is likely to kick the bucket due to old age before the end if a lame-duck, single term presidency -- should he make president.

America is so fucked.

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